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What is 'sleep hygiene'?


Sleep hygiene is a term that refers to following regular practices to promote effective sleep.

Good sleep hygiene can be achieved by following a routine, in order to condition the body and mind into the practice of sleep at the right time. The process is relatively straight-forward and involves some simple steps, including having a regular bed-time and wake-up time, avoiding stimulating foods such as caffeine and alcohol in the hours leading up to sleep, and avoiding day-time naps.

Other common ideas to promote sleep hygiene include only using your bed for sleeping, and creating an 'optimum' sleeping environment in your bedroom by shutting out external light and maintaining a comfortable temperature. There are many other ways to achieve good sleep hygiene, with several relating to personal preferences.

It’s in everybody's interests to follow even a basic sleep hygiene routine. When you have good sleep hygiene, it not only results in more restful sleep but increased alertness and productivity throughout the day, and lower levels of fatigue.

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