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Why Your Mattress Will Be Twice As Heavy In 10 Years


Though individually dust mites are tiny, microscopic creatures, taken as a collective they can really make a massive difference, especially to how well you sleep. Dust mites, and their waste, are one of the key causes of allergies, and the place you come into the most contact with them is in your bed. In fact, there are so many dust mites in most mattresses that in the space of ten years, they will double your mattress’s weight. That’s right, your mattress will double in weight over a ten year period and it will all be down to dust mites and, in particular, their waste products.

This is one of the key reasons that mattresses do not last forever, just think about how much waste that is that you are sleeping on! Think how much a mattress weighs, then imagine a pile of dust mite droppings the same weight. Not a very nice thought, is it?

One way you can prevent sleeping on such a large pile of dust mite droppings is by buying a mattress that is less attractive to dust mites. One that doesn’t provide such a good home. Memory foam mattresses, with their unique construction, are perfect as dust mites have trouble insinuating themselves into the mattress. They have a cellular construction which is nearly impossible for dust mites to penetrate. So if you want to avoid dust mite droppings, get a memory foam mattress.

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