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Medical professionals need more sleep - study


New guidelines from the US Institute of Medicine have recommended that medical residents in hospitals should work no more than 16 hours at a time without taking an obligatory 5-hour sleep break, and that they should get one full day off a week and two back-to-back days off a month - in order to maintain...

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Ergo Flex on talkSPORT Radio - The Alan Brazil Breakfast Show


Ergo Flex memory foam mattresses are very popular among sportspeople, with their body-shaping capability providing the perfect nighttime support for hard-worked muscles and limbs. Ex-international, Manchester United, and UEFA Cup winning footballer Alan Brazil, and former Essex CCC and England cricketer...

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Sleep derivation 'myths' dispelled


A report published this week in New Scientist by eminent sleep researcher Professor Jim Horne has moved to dispel some of the most common and enduring myths about sleep deprivation, including connections to conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Professor Horne, from Loughborough University’s...

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Credit crunch fears top lack of sleep poll


A study published this week in America has revealed that the economy is the most common worry that keeps people awake at night. The research, carried out by Ipsos for the hotel chain AmericInn Hotels, asked 1000 US citizens what affects their sleep on a regular basis, with the credit crunch coming top...

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Asthmatics suffer worse sleep - research


New research from Sweden has found that people with asthma experience more negative sleep conditions such as snoring, nightmares and disturbances, despite various advancements in asthma treatments over the last decade. The study, published this week by specialists at Uppsala University, looked at...

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Child issues caused by lack of sleep - study


Problems such as obesity, hyperactivity and poor academic performance in children can be caused by a lack of sleep, according to new research from the University of Montreal. In a study involving children aged between six months to six years old, 25% of the children who had difficulty sleeping longer...

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Study urges young drivers to get more sleep


Teenage drivers should do more to combat fatigue and drowsiness, according to new research from the US by the National Sleep Foundation, Students Against Destructive Decisions and Liberty Mutual. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims that sleepiness when driving causes 100,000...

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Clock adjustments raise heart attack risk - study


Research published this week has revealed a link between adjusting the clock forward for summertime and an increase in heart attacks, due to issues related to sleep deprivation. The study, from scientists at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and published in the New England Medical Journal of Medicine,...

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Ergo Flex on Deal or No Deal Christmas Stars with TV's Noel Edmonds


Keep an eye out for Ergo Flex on Noel Edmond’s "Deal or No Deal's Christmas Stars", showing on Channel 4 this Christmas Eve. The show features deserving members of the public as contestants, and in particular an inspirational young man named Ian who was left tetraplegic following an accident...

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Ergo Flex and BackCare


We're proud to announce our new partnership with BackCare, the UK's largest and longest-running independent charity for healthier backs. As a corporate associate of BackCare, Ergo Flex is committed to supporting the organisation's work to provide better services for those suffering from back pain. Since...

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Mobile phone sleep disturbance "antidote" revealed


The link between sleep disturbance and mobile phone usage may have been resolved through the work of a Welsh research team that has uncovered a natural antidote. Various earlier research, including studies by teams at MIT, Karolinska Institute and Loughborough University's Sleep Research Centre, looked...

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Avoiding Back Pain


Back pain is one of the most common medical problems in the UK, with some 5 million people consulting their GPs annually, and more than 1 million classified as disabled with related conditions. The issue ranges from passing discomfort caused by strains and muscle pulls, to long-term conditions such...

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