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The Back Show 2008 Olympia, London. October 4th 5th


Visit The Back Show 2008 at London’s Olympia for the latest back care news and products. Open to trade and consumer visitors, the exhibition is the UK’s premier event for back pain sufferers and new theraputic products There are three great 'zones' for visitors, with education, relaxation...

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Getting a good night's sleep


Most people experience problems sleeping at least occasionally. Lack of sleep has a variety of consequences - all of them negative - ranging from irritability and lack of concentration to a drop in productivity and general health. However, most sleeping problems are more often than not easily overcome...

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Bedbugs prefer unmade beds! - research


New research has found that the effects of making your bed can help attract bedbugs by optimising the conditions in which they live and breed - so can being untidy in the morning really have health benefits? Bedbugs live on dead skin cells and sweat that comes off your body when asleep, and their adverse...

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What is 'sleep hygiene'?


Sleep hygiene is a term that refers to following regular practices to promote effective sleep. Good sleep hygiene can be achieved by following a routine, in order to condition the body and mind into the practice of sleep at the right time. The process is relatively straight-forward and involves some...

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The best way to prevent bedbugs


Bedbugs - the nocturnal insect scourge often thought to be exclusive to run-down motels the world over, are actually more common than you’d perhaps like to believe. Mattresses, as expected, are the habitat preferred by bedbugs, whether in the seams, springs or elsewhere within the structure. The...

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What is sleep and why do we need it?


What is sleep? Sleep consists of two stages – non-REM and REM. Non-REM sleep can be divided into four sub-stages; 1; light sleep, where you are between waking and sleeping, muscle activity slows down. 2; 'true' sleep, where your breathing and heart rate begin to slow down for a period of around...

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Memory foam and NASA


There is a great deal of conflicting information online and elsewhere about the connection between memory foam mattresses and NASA, with several manufacturers and retailers claiming that their mattresses are directly linked to the Space Program in one way or another. It isn't clear why this...

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