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Sleep quality linked with weight-loss - study


A recently published US study has found that people who sleep longer are less likely to suffer weight problems, due to the effects that sleeping has on hormone levels and metabolism. The research involved fourteen nurses, and found a consistent link between BMI (body mass index) and the length of time the participants slept.

"When we analysed our data by splitting our subjects into 'short sleepers' and 'ong sleepers', we found that short sleepers tended to have a higher BMI (28.3) compared to long sleepers, who had an average BMI of 24.5,"said Dr. Arn Eliasson, of the Integrative Cardiac Health project at the Walter Reed Army Medical Centre in Washington DC, in the Daily Telegraph.

"Short sleepers also had lower sleep efficiency, experienced as greater difficulty getting to sleep and staying asleep," added Dr. Eliasson.

The study echoes previous investigations that suggest links with obesity and poor sleep quality.

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