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VAT Frozen for 2010


Ergoflex announce VAT frozen at 15% on all memory foam pillows and mattresses until the end of 2010 for UK customers:
We understand It's been a tough year financially for most people. And this clearly won't be helped by the chancellors decision to increase VAT to the rate of 17.5% as of January 1st. For the vast majority of us, the January sales are a good opportunity to buy 'big ticket' items at considerable discounts, yet this coming January, we'll all be forking out an additional 2.5% at the tills.
Here at Ergoflex UK, you'll be pleased to learn we've taken the decision to freeze the VAT our customers pay on our high-quality memory foam mattresses and pillows at 15% for the whole of 2010. Of course we don't have the ability to literally 'freeze' VAT at 15%, but we won't be passing the increase on to you, the customer.
We know that it probably doesn't seem much, but the 2.5% saving is certainly better in your pocket, and as we've all heard somewhere, 'every little helps...'

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