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Introducing the all-new Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress


Introducing the all-new Ergoflex 5G memory foam mattress

New Generation Ergoflex Memory Foam Mattress sets the Standard in Sleep Comfort and Support

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Ergoflex 5G, the most advanced memory foam mattress that we’ve ever made.

Australians have fallen in love with Ergoflex memory foam mattresses, first launched in the UK 10 years ago and introduced to Australia in 2010. As the first online mattress retailer that pioneered the online only 'One Perfect Mattress', ‘Bed in a Box’ concept delivered to the customer’s door, Ergoflex changed the way Australians buy mattresses. Offering true high density visco-elastic memory foam that delivers outstanding performance and luxury without the luxury price tag, the company has been dedicated to consistently creating the best product available to ensure the best quality sleep.

“Ergoflex is continuing its dedication to premium high density with the 5G, delivering the best performing memory foam mattress yet,” said Matthew White, Director Ergoflex Australia.

The 5G offers temperature-sensitive body shaping, pressure-relieving support and instant comfort that lasts all night. This density grade is the highest available in any mattress at this price range, delivering matchless performance and longevity.

Beneath the HD layer there’s a Cool-Sleep™ airflow system, a castellated foam layer that allows the mattress to breathe, dissipating warmth and encouraging a comfortable regulated temperature. The base layer is high-resilient impact-resistant foam, providing the perfect foundation for the upper layers to perform optimally.

Ergoflex is also introducing its all-new TENCEL® outer cover, which every Ergoflex 5G comes beautifully encased in. Naturally breathable and luxurious, the TENCEL® cover has been designed to complement the Ergoflex 5G performance by promoting temperature regulation within the mattress core and allowing air to flow freely. Removable, washable and even suitable for tumble driers, the TENCEL® cover redefines mattress cover hygiene.

To complement the new mattress, Ergoflex has released the new Ergoflex 5G pillow that is designed to provide the same performance of the Ergoflex mattress, delivering ergonomic posture support for the head and neck. Comprising of a fully moulded core of 'Soft Touch' ACPT Visco-Elastic Memory Foam and contained in a soft-touch TENCEL® cover, the Ergoflex pillow shapes around the head and neck for immediate pressure relief and comfort. Sold as a pair, the pillows are compatible with standard-sized pillow cases.

“The Ergoflex 5G is the result of a decade of research, development and refinement, and completely encapsulates everything that we’re about as a brand – premium, class-leading performance at an affordable price point,” added White.

In conjunction with the launch of the new Ergoflex 5G mattress and pillow, Ergoflex Australia’s website and customer interface has been upgraded with a new mobile-optimised platform and a fresh look and feel to give customers an improved online experience.  

“As the first online retailer of boxed memory foam mattresses in Australia, we are passionate about innovative customer-centric service and ensuring our customers experience the perfect sleep, night after night.  Our standard of mattress performance, longevity and material quality is second to none. With the Ergoflex 5G, we set that standard even higher,” White said.

“The market for online mattresses has significantly grown since our launch a decade ago with a number of new brands emerging in the last year or so. Many of these brands have replicated some of the innovations we’ve been offering since 2010, such as vacuum-packed boxed delivery. We are proud of the fact that the direct to consumer model that we introduced is now industry standard.”

Visit our mattress page for more information on the Ergoflex 5G.

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