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Health Issues With Airbeds


For most of us, airbeds are those loathsome mattresses that one is forced to use when we go camping because they are the most compact and lightest of the options. However, there are also everyday airbeds on the market.

There are a number of problems with these everyday airbeds. The major problem is that they do not provide the right balance between comfort and support. With an airbed you have to choose between having a deflated bed that is comfortable and an overinflated bed that is supportive. There is no middle ground. This means that you will either have an all right night’s sleep but will wake with exhausted muscles as they have been straining to keep your body in a decent posture all night or you will have a terrible night’s sleep because you have been lying on a rock solid mattress.

Either option is undesirable, especially when there are mattresses out there that can provide you with both comfort and support. The thing is that an airbed has air in it, obviously, and air, while useful for breathing, has only got a limited compressive qualities, unlike memory foam. Whereas air is only elastic under compression, memory foam is viscoelastic, making it both comfortable and supportive all at the same time.

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