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How Do I Clean A Stain Off My Memory Foam Mattress?


Memory foam mattresses are the best, hands down. There is no real competition. Memory foam mattresses have the comfort and support, tailored to your body, that no other mattress can provide. Memory foam is heat reactive, so that as your body heat warms it, it becomes softer. This means that it will give more in the areas where you are hotter (and heavier), meaning that it will mould itself to your exact body shape and posture. No other mattress comes close to this individualising ability, which is why they are the most popular mattress on the market.

Aside from being the most comfortable and supportive mattress material, memory foam also has a whole load of other advantages over other mattress types. One of these is that it is essentially air and water tight. This means that it is far better for people with allergies, as it does not hold in the dust and mites that cause them. It also means that it is fantastic for cleaning, as you can use water on it. Albeit a very small amount.

If you get a stain on your memory foam mattress, all you need to do is get some mild detergent and a very small amount of hot water. Give it a scrub and dry it in a warm room. It is as simple as that.  However be careful, getting too much water on your memory foam mattress can be damaging to your mattress.

Yet another reason to buy memory foam.

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