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Is a memory foam mattress good for a restless sleeper?


Memory foam has revolutionised the way we sleep. It has changed the bedding industry forever, essentially making every other bedding material obsolete in one fell swoop. Memory foam is able to mould itself to each and every individual’s body shape and posture, as it is heat reactive. It provides an incredible balance between sublime comfort and superior support, ensuring that no matter who sleeps in it, they will have the sleep of their lives.

One type of sleeper may struggle with memory foam initially: the restless sleeper. While most people will sleep in one or two positions throughout the night, the restless sleeper might move ten or event twenty times. The problem for the restless sleeper is that because memory foam shapes itself to your body posture, it makes it harder for the restless sleeper to wriggle around.

The good news is that while this may prove somewhat annoying at first for the restless sleeper it actually helps to calm them down over time, meaning that they will stop moving around so much at night, which will result in a more refreshing and invigorating sleep.

The message to restless sleepers, don’t fight it. In time, you too will enjoy the incredible cradle that memory foam creates.

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