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Is mattress quality in the eye of the beholder?


While in some respects different people have different expectations and hopes from a mattress, there is definitely objective measures of mattress quality. In other words, while people like different types of mattresses, with some liking softer beds and others more firm mattresses, mattress quality is something different.

There are several different measures of mattress quality used within the sector, including are pressure distribution, skin microclimate, hygiene edge support and long term stability. This metrics allow manufacturers and experts to gain an appreciation of the structural integrity and build quality of a mattress so that they understand important issues like how the weight is distributed across the material and how durable the material is.

However, while these are useful measures for mattress professionals they are not much use in helping a person buying a mattress as they do not help with the all important subjective measures of firmness. The best way to work out whether a mattress will suit you is to refer to the indentation load deflection or ILD. The ILD will tell you how soft or firm a mattress will be. An ILD of 10-12 is soft, 13-15 is medium and anything above 15 is firm.

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