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Price: Latex vs Memory Foam


By now you have probably heard about the revolutionary mattress material that is memory foam. Straight from the NASA space programme and into your bedroom comes this incredible product. Unlike any other mattress material, it has the ability to react to your body heat and therefore mould itself to your body shape. The reason it is called memory foam is that once you get up in the morning it will spring back to its original factory shape, none the worse for wear. It remembers its shape, yet is able to mirror your body shape throughout the night, even as you shift about. It provides the perfect cradle for you as you sleep, giving you all the support you need and all the comfort you could possibly want. There has never been such an incredible product.

Compare this to latex, which quickly develops a depression that will not go away. Latex doesn’t spring back into shape in the morning, it just gets worse and worse as time goes on, becoming paper thin in the middle. For comfort and support there is NO comparison.

Latex’s defenders will say that it is cheaper. Sure, the mattress is cheaper. No denying it. However, you need to replace them so much more often that in the end there is price parity between the two materials, while there is no parity in quality. Memory foam beats it hands down in every quality measure possible.

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