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Structural: Latex vs Memory Foam


Ok, by now you must have heard of memory foam, it has taken the world by storm, it has revolutionised the bedding material industry and changed the way millions of people sleep. It was designed by NASA and has been adapted for commercial use, making it a fusion of pioneering space science and commercial pragmatism.

Memory foam is definitely the new kid on the block and often it is hard for the latest to compete even when they are superior. Many people resist change and feel more comfortable buying what they know already. The reality is that some materials are simply better than others. So how does memory foam match up with latex structurally?

Let’s just put it this way, if they were both to take a structural IQ test, then memory foam would be classified as a genius. Memory foam has a unique composition that means it shapes itself to your exact body shape and it changes as you move. This is because it has a special cellular structure that means it reacts to body heat, allowing it to mirror your exact body shape and position. Latex, on the other hand, may often just get squashed into one position, meaning that in the end you may have a permanent impression left in the mattress.

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