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Relaxing Music during Pregnancy


The Ergo Flex memory foam mattress is the ultimate support during pregnancy, allowing the mother-to-be to take full advantage of precious rest. The aches acquired throughout the day are relieved and extra weight is unloaded and absorbed by millions of spherical shaped open cells that provide cushioned comfort to improve the experience of pregnancy.

While the body is eased into slumber, the mind can also be lulled into a calm filled state through relaxing music. Music serves a dual purpose in pregnancy, as a therapeutic tool that releases tension, while the unborn baby is wrapped in the tranquillity that comes from its mothers reduced heart rate and blood pressure. A mutually peaceful partnership occurs through drifting melodies that reach mother and baby, as both take advantage of a weightless contentment. The most popular sounds during pregnancy include the dulcet echoes of wind chimes, ocean tones and flute led melodies. Euphonic sounds caress the mind and are transferred to the body, as an added remedial source and sleeping aid.

The tempo determines the level of relaxation that is reached. The most relaxing harmonies were found to mimic the rhythm of a resting heartbeat, which is sixty to eighty beats per minute. The steady rhythm is specifically congruent to pregnancy, as the already dominant sound inside the womb is amplified and used as a base on which to lace notes that intensify pacification. By recreating the sounds inside the womb the mother consciously connects to her baby, as she devotes time to shared serenity.

Classical music is also used as a popular genre to unwind to, as opposed to more up-beat tempos of dance music or hip-hop, which induce bursts of activity rather than a period of outstretched repose. Mozart is a popular choice, where albums, such as Mozart for your Pregnancy are specifically designed to relax a mother-to-be, which acts as a testament to the calming affects of the classical composer. Many of Mozart’s album covers display natural scenes as evidence of the link between his music and nature, which is conjured as notes mimic babbling brooks, as well as sounds that reflect the emotion experienced when viewing trees that reach into the sky and lakes that glisten in spell-binding motion to transport the listener, explaining its effectiveness in diverting discomfort during pregnancy.

An unborn baby is thought to hear music outside the womb between twenty and twenty-four weeks, where familiar sounds are recognised. The calming music played during pregnancy is thought to have lasting effects, where the first few years of a child’s life remain soothed, as music evokes the security within the womb, which means that parents will benefit from more quality sleep.

A symphony of serenity, where the mind is caressed by harmonic sounds that surround the listener within a sanctuary is matched by the blissful comfort provided by the memory foam mattress. By ensuring that the time dedicated to rest during pregnancy is at an optimum, the mother demonstrates respect for herself and her baby, as well as a propensity to nurture.

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