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Should I buy a mattress online?


In the past decade or so we have witnessed a mass transition from traditional styles of retailing to a new era of online buying. While some people are innately comfortable with this others have concerns. However, not all online shopping is the same and many of these concerns are based on the negative experiences some people have had with particular types of online shopping. In particular, many people have horror stories when purchasing from dodgy overseas companies.

The reality is that if you buy from an Australian company then you are protected by the same consumer guarantees as if you had bought from a bricks and mortar store, only difference being that you saved money online.

Buying a mattress online, though it might sound risky, is not if you buy from an Australian company and are buying a high quality item that has a long term guarantee. You will save money on a first rate product and have it delivered to your door. Some naysayers will say that you need to try a mattress in the store first but the reality is that you cannot tell what a bed is like from one minute on it in a store and it is more important to buy a bed that has been well made and will last the distance.

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