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What is wrong with spring mattresses?


Not all mattress materials were created equal. Memory foam, the revolutionary mattress material that was born in the crucible of the space race and uses cutting edge twentieth century chemical synthesis beats its competing mattress materials in every single metric that matters. In this series we will explain how memory foam demolishes the alternatives. In this article we will look at spring mattresses.

Anyone who has spent a night on a shoddy spring mattress knows exactly what is wrong with them but many don’t realise that this is actually true—to differing degrees—of every spring mattress, no matter the age or quality. Spring mattresses are unable to adjust to the sleeper’s body shape and position, they have areas of high support, where the majority of the springs are located and areas of low support, where there are less springs. This means that it is the mattress is unable to adjust to particular sleeping positions and will be more comfortable in some positions than others. As they age, this becomes more pronounced, to the point where you can barely get comfortable at all. Memory foam is able to adapt to the sleeper’s exact body shape and position, ensuring total comfort and support no matter how you sleep.

Go memory foam for a bed that moulds itself to your exact body shape and sleep position.

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