A Sheet Buying Guide


A Sheet Buying Guide

You would think that buying sheets would be easy, right? Just head into the shop, find a set that fits your bed and that looks good, simple as that. Well, anyone who has been sheet shopping lately knows that it is not that simple anymore. The shopper is bombarded with a wealth of choices, which is why we have composed this guide to help you out.

Right, first thing to look out for is thread count, generally speaking the higher the thread count the better the quality of sheet, though this is not a hard and fast rule as there is also thread quality to consider. Thread count refers to the number of threads used per metre in the fabric and often will help you work out which will be the most durable sheet.

Another thing to look out for is fabric type. Cotton is the most expensive, and for good reason, it is both soft and durable. Cotton-polyester blends are a good compromise, but are nowhere near as soft and luxurious as 100% cotton. At the bottom of the heap, but cheap, are polyester sheets, which should only be bought when cost is the only factor.

Another important issue is weave as this will affect the way the sheet feels. The most basic weave has both vertical and horizontal yarns. More elaborate and comfortable weaves include sateen, which has more vertical than horizontal weaves, making it softer, and jacquards and damasks, which have patterns that give them a more individual feel.

Happy sheet shopping.

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