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Are Memory Foam And Latex Foam The Same?


The great saying, “success has a million fathers, failure is an orphan” provides some insight into the relationship between memory foam and latex foam. Memory foam is no orphan, and latex foam is definitely not related in any way.

As with any success, memory foam has to contend with a great deal of pretenders to the throne. Latex foam and memory foam are not the same thing. In fact there is a huge difference and it is only the untrustworthy manufacturers and retailers of the inferior latex foam that will even try to claim some proximity.

For starters, latex foam is made from rubber while memory foam is made from polyurethane. Therefore, they are not even similar. Latex foam has none of the heat reactive properties that memory foam has and it provides nowhere near the same degree of comfort and support that memory foam does.

If you are being told by a salesman that latex foam is the same as memory foam then you need to shop elsewhere as they are, at best, ignorant, and, at worst, lying to you. Ask the knave what latex foam and memory foam are made from. If they even know what the two materials are made from you will be able to point out their error instantly. If they do not, inform them, then leave the retailer.

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