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At What Age Should A Child Have An Adult Mattress?


While for adults there is a vast variety of different needs and wants when it comes to mattresses, for children there is a more universal set of requirements. Basically, under two year olds should have firm mattresses so they do not get smothered. Whereas some adults may love have a soft, deep mattress, it is actually dangerous for an under two year old.

This goes for memory foam mattresses as well. Children under two years old should sleep in thin and firm mattresses to ensure that they do not suffocate. After this, you can start looking at different types of mattresses. Memory foam is fantastic for children over two as it provides the perfect amount of support for a growing body.

As your child becomes a teenager then you may want to think about getting them a double bed, though naturally this raises a number of questions. However, no matter what bed size they have, they need a good mattress. The thing is that, let’s face it, your teenager is going to spend a lot of time in bed, that is the way teenagers are, so they need to have as comfortable and supportive a mattress as possible.

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