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Blanket versus Doona


Blanket versus Doona

This is an age old question, one that divides many people. Blankets have history on their side, being the covering of choice for centuries, while doonas are the new kid on the block with all the technological benefits that implies. Interestingly, the doona is more popular in Europe, while the blanket still has a hold over the US.

Blankets are better at sealing in the heat, as they are heavier than doonas, meaning that they are better for colder climates. The other major advantage of blankets over doonas is price and durability. A well made blanket is generally cheaper than a doona and will last longer.

The doona has a number of advantages over and above the blanket. For starters, they are lighter and more comfortable than a blanket, meaning they are better in warmer climates. Secondly, they are far easier to clean, as all you have to do is to take the cover of and wash it, while blankets are more complicated to clean. Because the doona has a cover it means that you can change its look more easily, meaning that if you get sick of the colour or pattern you can just get a new cover.

There you have it, blanket versus doona.

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