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Why You Should Throw Out A Flood-Damaged Mattress


Us poor Australians and our amazing country have taken a real battering lately, it seems that just about every week there is a new disaster. We will get through it in the long run, our famous indomitable Australian pluck, verve and courage will never be dampened, we will just pick ourselves up and keep on going in the same forthright manner as always. 

One thing that will not keep on going, unfortunately, one thing that needs to be binned, is all flood-damaged mattresses. Sadly, once a mattress has been wet through, it needs to go. A flood-damaged mattress is a health risk for several reasons.

First, the problem with flooding is that there is usually sewerage mixed in the water, and you risk getting incredibly sick if your mattress has been exposed to contaminated water. You can never know, so the only safe thing to do is throw it out.

Even if your mattress wasn’t contaminated by sewerage, once a mattress has been thoroughly wet, it will take a long time to dry, and it mould will grow deep within it. This mould is harmful, especially to people who suffer allergies, and your flood-damaged mattress will become a den of disease.

To be safe, throw out any flood-damaged mattresses.

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