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Foam Mattress vs. Spring Mattress


It is an age old battle: foam mattress vs. spring mattress. Some people swear by foam mattresses while others won’t sleep on anything but a spring mattress. There seems to be no end to this debate and the opinions held on both sides are strong.

The foam mattress supporters claim that foam is better because it is firmer and cheaper. They also like to emphasize that foam moulds to the body and provides a snugger sleep. If you have memory foam it will even respond differently in areas with different temperatures. The warmer and heavier parts of your body, like your torso, heat the foam up and make it softer. As a foam proponent will tell you, this makes you feel like you are floating on the bed rather than lying on it.

All very well, a spring mattress supporter will say, but spring is superior to foam because it is better for your back, offers all over support and lasts for longer than a foam mattress. A good spring mattress will have up to 800 springs all positioned to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep. Spring mattresses are usually softer than foam, allowing you to sink further into them.

So there are the battle lines, if you like a firmer bed, then go for a foam mattress, if you like a softer bed, then get a spring mattress.

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