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How Memory Foam Mattresses Relieve Pressure


Revolutions do not happen very often, which is why we are all so lucky to have lived through the latest revolution in mattress technology. Gone are the days of having to sleep on an archaic spring mattress, with its uneven and uncomfortable form. Thanks to NASA and the space race, we can now sleep on an ultra comfortable and super supportive mattress every night. We can now sleep on a mattress that provides us with bespoke comfort and support.

Memory foam has revolutionised the way we sleep. One of the amazing benefits of memory foam mattresses is that they relieve pressure much more effectively than any other type of mattress material. The reason they relieve pressure so effectively is that the memory foam is heat reactive and will shape itself to the exact body size and posture of the occupant. This means that the weight of your body will not pinch on any of your pressure points while you sleep, as can happen on other mattresses. Because you are cradled in a mattress that mirrors your exact body shape, you will minimise the risk of any pressure points being cut off.

If you suffer from pressure problems when you are in bed then you will really love the support and comfort of a memory foam bed.

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