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Is Memory Foam Flammable?


If you have ever slept on a memory foam bed then you will know that they are the most comfortable and supportive mattresses you could ever sleep on. The reason they are so amazing is that memory foam is heat reactive, allowing it to mirror your exact body shape and posture. This means that your mattress will shape itself perfectly to your body, cradling you will you sleep. It really doesn’t get any better than memory foam. It is a product of the space age, unlike spring mattresses, which are a product of the industrial age and are about as comfortable as a bed of nails.

There are some unscrupulous (non-memory foam) mattress manufacturers who have tried to spread rumours about memory foam in a vain attempt to curb the incredible sales trajectory of memory foam. One of the rumours they have spread is that memory foam is flammable.

While this is actually true, memory foam does burn, it is disingenuous, as pretty much anything will burn with the right amount of heat applied. Steel burns at the right temperature, so it is not that surprising that memory foam is flammable.

The reality is that all mattresses are flammable, to a degree. Memory foam is no more flammable than any other mattress.

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