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Does Compression Packaging Affect A Mattress?


Your ultra comfortable new Ergoflex memory foam mattress will arrive in compression packaging, but don’t worry, there is absolutely no way that this packaging will affect your mattress adversely.

The reality is that memory foam is an incredibly adaptable and wonderfully resilient material. It was designed by NASA to be able to withstand crashes in a rocket. Keep in mind that the standard NASA rocket travels at almost 10,000 kilometres an hour and weigh around three million kilograms and you will realise that compression packing is nothing to this incredible substance. This is a material with a tolerance range that is literally out of this world, so there is absolutely no way that the compression packaging can do any damage whatsoever.

You only have to open the packaging and let the mattress spring back into shape to realise that everything is fine. Ergoflex uses only cutting edge packing technologies, ensuring that your mattress arrives in perfect condition, every time.

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