10 ways to get to sleep faster


10 ways to get to sleep faster

While some people seem to be able to fall asleep in seconds, others struggle. The longer it takes you to get to sleep the more stressed you become, in turn making it harder to sleep. If you are someone who struggles to get to sleep at night then here are 10 ways to get to sleep faster.

1.  Lights and screens off.  The more light you expose yourself to at night the harder you will find getting to sleep. Your body clock is in charge of regulating sleep wake cycles and it is calibrated by external light levels. Have a soft bedside light on and do not use your smartphone or other backlit screen before bed.

2.  Fresh air flow. The more fresh air flow you have in the room the better. You can use a fan if you are unable to open your window due to noise, security or temperature. Having air flowing in the room will help to get you to sleep.  

3.  Exercise regularly.  The more exercise you do each day the easier you will find getting to sleep. It is best to do your exercise during the day but even if you do it at night it will still help.

4.  Maintain a sleep schedule. You need to try and go to bed at around the same time every night and get up at the same time every morning, even in the weekends. By working with your body clock you will find going to sleep much easier.

5.  Read.  Reading is one of the best ways of relaxing your brain before bed. It is also a great method of forgetting about your day and any stressful issues. Reading a book before bed every night is also a great way of creating a schedule that your body and brain can work to, when you start reading you will trigger sleepy thoughts.

6.  Eliminate caffeine.  While caffeine has different impacts on everyone, it is best to not drink it at least four hours before bed, and for some people it may need to be eliminated from the diet all together.

7.  Use lavender essential oil.  Lavender oil is a real soporific so make the most of this by burning it in an oil burner.

8.  Don't go to bed hungry.  Going to bed with an empty stomach will make it much harder to get to sleep but make sure you snack on the right foods. Avoid fatty and sugary foods and stick to fruit (especially bananas and cherries), cereals and dairy (particularly yoghurt) as these will all fill you up and actually help you get to sleep.

9.  Try relaxation techniques.  There are lots of different relaxation techniques, you could try to flex and then relax each muscle starting at your feet and working your way up. Another is to try to create an imaginary world or scenario.

10.  Drink bedtime tea.  Many herbal teas are excellent for helping you get to sleep including Chamomile and Passionflower. Just make sure you do not drink regular tea as it has caffeine in it. 

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