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175k on a mattress


Yes you read that right, people are spending $175 000 on a mattress. The British mattress manufacturer Savoir Beds has recently launched a limited edition "Royal Bed" that carries a whopping $175,000 price tag. They have marketed the mattress as a collector’s edition, as obviously no one would want to sleep on a mattress that cost that much. So what does spending this amount of money get you when you are shopping for a mattress?

Well, each mattress requires more than 700 hours of labour and will contain masses and masses of curled Latin American horse tail, stacks of pure Mongolian cashmere, and enough specially woven silk to be strung from all the way from New York to Miami and almost halfway back again (more than 2500 kms worth).

Many would ask what is so great about sleeping on Latin American horse tail, Mongolian cashmere and silk, to which the only answer could be that it is expensive and rare. None of these ancient materials come close to providing the comfort and support of a modern mattress.

Just in case you were wavering about whether to order one or not, Savoir Beds allow you to have your family crest or logo printed on the mattress.

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