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6 ways cats can teach you to sleep better


Have you ever stared at your cat and wished that you could sleep as easily and as comfortably as he or she does? Cats are highly skilled sleepers, they have perfected the art of sleeping, they seem able to do it when and where they want, whether it is in your sock draw, on the dryer, under the car or somewhere even more bizarre, cats really are pros when it comes to sleep. Here are 6 ways cats can teach you to sleep better.

Cats are one of the best sleepers in the animal kingdom, they spend the majority of their lives sleeping and they do it with an ease and style that makes most humans jealous. Cats seem to be able to sleep when and where they want no matter the conditions or time. They are the world’s greatest sleepers and we can learn a thing or two from them. Here are 6 ways cats can teach you to sleep better.

Embrace sleep
Your cat really loves to sleep, they embrace it and never fight it. If you treat sleep more like a cat you will enjoy it as much as they do. Cats always give sleep their undivided attention, they do it with relish and gusto so you need to approach it with the same zeal and attitude and you will find that you will start to enjoy it more.

Stretch beforehand and after
There is one thing every cat does before and after every sleep: stretch! Yes, cats love to stretch and this is something that we should do before and after sleep. Even better, do some yoga before you sleep as this will not only help to relax your body but your mind as well. Spend some time stretching like a cat and you will feel ready for bed.

Pick a comfortable spot
No matter where a cat sleeps it always looks comfortable, even if it is your sock draw. Make your bed into a super comfortable space, get nice pillows and a soft and snugly blanket. If you are going to nap somewhere else then make sure that you have got lots of comfortable bedding to help you doze off.

Take the opportunity when it arises
Cats will sleep when they can and this is something that we can learn from. If you are tired and have a spare half hour then have a nap. A power nap is one of the best ways of reenergising so make the most of any time you have and catch 40 winks.

Cuddle up
If there are two cats they will sleep cuddled up, and this is just as nice for people. Snuggle up with your partner and you will enjoy your sleep that much more. If it is too hot then take your doona off the bed and just use a sheet.

Breath well
Cats are always yawning and they have a really good breathe cycle when they sleep. Don’t forget to yawn and regulate your breathing as well as this can help you sleep better.

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