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Addicted to coffee and love a drink? You can sleep better without them


We have all had those nights were we toss and turn in bed, struggling to get to sleep, but if you are beginning to find them occurring all too often then it is time you had a look at your habits and patterns to try and identify why you are finding it so hard to get to sleep.

There are many different reasons people find it difficult to get to sleep at night, from psychological issues like stress and depression, through to physical factors like diet and pain. Two common causes of sleep problems are the consumption of coffee and alcohol. Both are widely drunk substances, both are enjoyed by many at night and both can cause a variety of sleep related problems.

Coffee and sleep have a long and reasonably well known relationship. Coffee is a stimulant and many people drink it in the morning to give them a boost. Drunk at night, within five or six hours of bed, this boost can make it hard to go to sleep and if you are struggling to sleep at night it is recommended that you do not drink coffee later than midday.

Alcohol has a more complex relationship with sleep. Many people find it helps them to get to sleep. However, while it may help get people to sleep, it actually effects your sleep, making it less recuperative and satisfying.

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