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After 65 we all sleep the same


It is fairly obvious that we don’t all have the same sleeping patterns, habits and abilities. While some people seem to be able to fall asleep at the drop of the hat others can only sleep when they are in their own bed with the lights out. Some people like staying up late working while others prefer to get to bed early and wake up early. These are pretty obvious differences that are easy to spot amongst people.

However, these differences almost all even out by the time we get to 65. Yes, while we all have incredibly different sleep tolerances and behaviours when we are young by the time we reach about 65 years old we have incredibly similar sleep patterns, habits and abilities.

A number of studies have found that almost every single person over the age of 65 will sleep for the same amount of time each and every night—7.5 hours—and will go to sleep and wake up at the same time—11pm to 7.30am—and they found a number of other sleep related issues had all aligned, including ease of falling asleep.

If you and your partner have totally different sleep behaviours don’t worry, you will be prefect by 65!

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