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Almonds A Super Sleep Food


Sleep is critical to our well being. It is a vital process that helps maintain our physical and emotional health. Anyone who has suffered from insomnia will tell you how bad not getting enough sleep or having unfulfilling sleep can be. Insufficient or unsatisfying sleep can effect a person’s life in a wide array of ways, from depression and anxiety through to weightloss and hallucinations.

There are a number of ways that people can improve their sleep, many of them incredibly simple and painless. One key factor in our quality and quantity of sleep is our diets. What we eat and drink makes a huge difference in the length and satisfaction of our sleep. There are some foods that will help us to sleep better for longer. One of these foods is almonds. Almonds contain magnesium, which helps promote muscle relaxation and sleep. They also provide proteins which help the body maintain a stable blood sugar level while sleeping and help people fall asleep by switching the body from its adrenaline cycle to its rest and digest cycle.

By simply having a snack on almonds at night before bed, you could increase both the quantity and quality of your sleep so give them a try.

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