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Asleep at the job?


Falling asleep on the job is never a good idea, there could be some serious repercussions. For starters, you could lose your job, also, depending on what you do for a living, you could injure or kill yourself or others. Most of us do not have jobs where a moments inattention can result in such terrible consequences, though history is replete with some fairly terrible events that were caused by someone sleep on the job.

The two most catastrophic would have to be the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska and the Chernobyl nuclear accident.

The captain of the Exxon Valdez, which was travelling through one of the most pristine marine environments, fell asleep at the helm of his ship. Unfortunately, it was carrying about 120 000 cubic metres of oil, which all spilt into the ocean, causing one of the largest environmental disasters. All because he fell asleep.

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster , which happened in 1986 when the nuclear power plant went into melt down, has been attributed to a cascading series of events that were blamed on a key technician falling asleep on the job and then making bad decisions upon waking to find the reactors were out of control.

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