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Austria are reigning power nap champs


Most people who take a power nap either do it at home or in the office, but Austria have taken the idea of the power nap to the next level. There are power nap providers popping up in Austrian cities, places you can go where they have soothing music and relaxing dark cells, places where business people and the generally exhausted can go for a half hour of power napping.

This may seem crazy but they are growing in popularity. Part of the problem for many people who need to power nap during the day is that their office is the worst place to do it. Most offices are not exactly the most conducive to sleep. For starters few people actually have their own private space and either have a cubicle or share a big open space, hardly the best space to try and catch a few zees, also most offices are bright and noisy, which are two more strikes about nodding off in the office.

Now you can see why these power nap havens are sprouting. They even provide a nice hot coffee on wake up so you can hit the road running... all the way back to the office.

Who knows, we may start seeing these popping up around Australia soon.

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