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Can sleepiness be cured?


We have all had those days before where keeping our eyes open seems impossible. The really annoying thing is that even though these days are often due to lack of sleep or too much enjoyment in the days before, sometimes they happen despite getting enough sleep the night before and looking after yourself.

Recent research has found that those days may be a thing of the past and it could all be solved with something as simple as a coloured light. That is right, all you may need to avoid another sleepy day of endless exhaustion is a blue light.

It has been found that an hour of blue light can help modify your body clock. Blue light regulates the production of melatonin, which is a vital sleep regulator. Using a blue light during the day has been shown to increase alertness, performance, and even night time sleep quality in subjects.

The obvious reason for the efficacy of blue light is that it is connected to the sky. The brain links blue light with daytime and therefore inhibits the production of melatonin and makes people feel more awake. However, be warned that this is not a magic cure and that too much blue light will have the opposite effect and using it during night time will through your body clock out.

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