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Cherries A Super Sleep Food


Lying in bed trying to get to sleep is incredibly annoying and if it is a regular occurrence it can become more than annoying. It can turn into a debilitating and life changing problem, one that can lead to numerous problems, like depression, anxiety, weight loss and hallucinations, amongst many others. While there are numerous reasons that people struggle to get to sleep at night, ranging from stress through to muscle pain, there are also, fortunately, a number of ways that you can combat insomnia.

Diet is key, what we put into our bodies has a massive effect on how easily we fall asleep. Substances like caffeine have a well known sleep inhibiting effect, but there are plenty of super sleep foods that can help people to get to sleep. One of them is cherries. Cherries are a fantastic source of melatonin, which is one of the key hormones that helps to regulate the sleep cycle. Tart cherries have a higher level of melatonin, so if you can handle them, buy your cherries tart. If you can’t get fresh cherries then buy cherry juice, which has the same high levels.

If you want to fall asleep faster, try cherries, they might be just what you need.

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