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Do not be a sleep cheat


Do you find yourself getting up earlier than you would like because you have things to do? Do you find yourself going to bed later than you would like because there are still chores and tasks that require your attention? If you answered yes then you are what they call a sleep cheat.

Sleep cheats are people who get less sleep than they should because they find they do not have enough hours in the day to get everything done. This is different to someone who only needs four or five hours sleep each night. They are not cheats as this is all they require. A sleep cheat is someone who sacrifices sleep even though they want and need it.

The problem for sleep cheats is that something has to give. You cannot go on doing this forever without negative consequences. Whether you find yourself irritable and grumpy more often, your skin gets worse, you have trouble with your memory or you gain weight, there will be blowback from your sleep cheating.

And don’t think you can catch up on it during the weekend, sleeping in for a couple of days a week only makes it worse in the long run. So what can you do? Either work more efficiently or cut down on your work. You need to sleep well, it is the foundation to a happy and healthy life.

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