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Do not drink and sleep


Do you love to have a wine or two at night? Sure, who doesn’t, a nice bottle of vino is a staple for many people most nights. Doctors tell us that a few red wines a day is good for our health so with that kind of endorsement we would be crazy not to, right? It all depends on whether you want to have a good night’s sleep.

Even two glasses of wine (or any other alcohol for that matter) can play havoc with your sleep, leaving you feeling shattered in the morning. Hang on, you might say, a few glasses of wine helps me go to sleep, and you would be right, alcohol is a sedative.

However, while it may help you fall asleep it also disrupts dreams and effects the sleep cycle. It reduces time spent in the stage of sleep understood to be the most restorative, the rapid eye movement, or REM, stage, meaning that even if you do sleep throughout the night it will not be as refreshing.

Notice we said if you do sleep throughout the night? The other problem with alcohol is that it often causes people to wake in the middle of the night and then struggle to get back to sleep.

If you are going to have a drink at night, make sure it is at least two hours before bed.

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