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Do not eat too heavily before you sleep


It is just before bedtime, you have had your dinner a few hours ago yet somehow you are feeling snackish. You head into the kitchen and build one of your patented triple decker cheese toasties with ham, salami, bacon and all the trimmings. While you are waiting for it to cook you quickly eat some chips. After eating your greasy delight you head off to bed to get some sleep.

Unfortunately, you struggle to get to sleep and when you get up in the morning you feel terrible. Why? The simple answer is that you ate too much heavy and fatty food before bed. This overburdens the body at a time when it should be relaxing, digesting is difficult when you are horizontal and the last thing your body wants to be doing is taking care of your massive cheese toasty during the night.

If you really need to eat something before bed, choose something light and healthy, like an apple or a banana. If you snack on a lot of processed food then you will find going to sleep more difficult, your body will struggle to deal with it while you are sleeping and you will not sleep as well.

Steer clear of heavy foods late at night.

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