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Exercise and sleep


Exercise and sleep, for a long time we have been told that you should not exercise near bed time unless you were doing low impact activities like yoga but a recent study has called this widely stated claim into question.

The study found that people who exercise during the day are more likely to sleep better that night and that there was no effect caused by sleep time on the quality or quantity of your sleep. The study has basically turned many years of received wisdom on its head.

Many of the respondents who had exercised at night had said they’d heard that it was bad but couldn’t fit their exercise in at any other time of the day and had soon realised that it made little to no difference to their sleep.

The truth is that it is better to exercise than to not exercise and many people struggle to fit exercise in at any time other than at night.

As with anything sleep related, there is room for individual difference and if you are thinking of exercising at night give it a try, but do not go too hard at first, ease your body into late night exercise and see how well you sleep.

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