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70% have experienced falling in their sleep


While in many ways our dreams are unique, with each individual having their own dreams, there are a number of commonalities and reoccurring themes and motifs that dream researchers have found that span across cultures and countries. In a way, it is like we have a common language of dreaming and this language allows for an infinite variation of stories to be told.

One extremely common experience in dreams is the sensation of falling with around 70% of all those surveyed experiencing it at one time or another. As with almost everything surrounding dreaming, no one knows why so many people fall while they are dreaming, but there are a number of interesting theories.

Freud, the father of dream interpretation believed that dreams of falling indicated that the person was giving in to sexual temptation, but then again, pretty much any Freudian dream interpretation involves sex.

Others believe that falling indicates some form of concern or worry on behalf of the dreamer. The falling is symbolic of their lack of control.

Some people even believe that if you hit the ground when you are asleep you will die in real life, though this seems both incredibly unlikely and impossible to prove.

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