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Going to sleep wrong


You have been doing it wrong this whole time! Recent research shows that an alarming amount of people never wake feeling relaxed and refreshed and the leader researcher believes that the reason is that they never learned how to enter the relaxing pre-sleep state when they were children.

Dr Alex Bartle, founder of the Sleep Well Clinic, found that around a third to a half of people in Australia and New Zealand were waking in the morning feeling tired and if given the option would go straight back to bed.

He believes that one of the reasons we struggle to sleep well in this modern age is that we do not learn how to relax into sleep. Childhood has changed in the last century, gone are the bucolic days were there was little pressure on children, now from an early age we are pushed to succeed. At the same time the number of distractions have increased dramatically.

The combination of early stress pressure plus growing distractions means that more people struggle to enter the meditation like state that helps people fall asleep. Bartle found that many find it hard to disconnect from the world around them, something which stops them from falling asleep with ease.

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