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Homeschooled kids sleeping more and learning better


There are a number of obvious benefits to homeschooling. You get to teach your kids what you want and how you want and you can monitor their learning in a way that you cannot when they go to a school. However, there might be other less obvious benefits that come with homeschooling.

One advantage of being homeschooled is that the children do not need to get up as early in the morning, allowing them to get more sleep. A recent study found that this increased sleep (90 minutes a night on average) enabled them to learn better.

Childhood is a critical time for learning key skills and knowledge. Throughout these years children need sleep to help these memories embed and sleep is vital in the memory process. The more and better quality sleep they get the more they will be able to learn.

While this doesn’t mean that you need to pull your kids out of school but rather that you need to be aware of how much sleep they are getting each night as it really is a critical time and the more sleep they can get the better.

This means letting your teenager sleep in rather than pulling them out of bed early!

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