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How Your Bedroom Affects Your Sleep


Your sleeping environment can have a massive effect on the quantity and quality of your sleep. There are several key variables that make a major difference, most importantly light, noise and  temperature. As long as you are aware of them and make an effort to control these variables you can ensure you get the best sleep possible.

Light is a key element in your sleeping environment. Too much light and you will have trouble sleeping. That is why it is a good idea to have decent blinds on your window and if you do want to read late at night have a lamp by your bed with a low wattage bulb.

Another key element is noise. Not all noise is bad and in fact, some people find a low decibel noise quite relaxing at night. However, too many loud noises can keep your mind alert and make going to sleep much harder. Ensuring that your room is well insulated is a good idea as not only will it keep you warmer it will also reduce the noise levels.

Heat is the other major element. Research has shown that there is a wide range of preferred temperatures so that there is no single ideal temperature. However, it is best to maintain that same individual temperature throughout the year, meaning that you should have several different bed spreads to help you control it.

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