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How does the Sun help you sleep?


Sleep is one of the craziest phenomena, it is governed by so many different factors, from your age to your diet, from the amount of exercise you have done during the day to how much sun you have got. While the others might sound logical, the influence on sun sounds strange to most people. Yes, that is right, sun plays a huge role in sleep.  In fact, it may play a bigger role than any other factor.

Vitamin D, the vitamin we gain from exposure to sunlight, has been long recognised as a critical element in the basic functioning of the human body but recent research has shown that it plays a massive role in sleep. In fact, if you were to go for too long without any sunshine then you would not be able to sleep, at all!

Even a diminished level of sunshine can hamper your sleep though, something which has been anecdotally proven in countries like Norway were during winter the sun is not seen for months at a time. Residents in Northern Norway have known for years that when the sun disappears, it is far more difficult to fall asleep and to stay asleep.

Get a good night’s sleep thanks to the sun!

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