How to become an early riser


Many people wish they could get up earlier as the morning is a great time to get things done, for starters there are nowhere near as many people awake meaning that you can get more done with your time. It is also a beautiful time of the day, one that encourages a thoughtful reflection that is hard to come by at any other time. Well here is a guide to help you become an early riser.

Start by setting a time you want to get up at and slowly work towards it. If you choose 6 yet have been waking at 10 then you will not be able to instantly transition from one to the other. Give yourself a few weeks to gradually make the change.

At the same time, you need to start going to bed earlier. Again don’t try to go to sleep hours earlier than you normally would, make gradual changes as this will be more likely to work.

The key is to make small and gradual changes that allow your body to adjust the internal time clock that governs your body’s wakeful and sleepy periods.

And remember, if you decide to sleep in during the weekend, you have reset it back, so resist the temptation.

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