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How to fall asleep faster


While some people have no trouble whatsoever with falling asleep at the drop of the hat, others spend hours tossing and turning, battling to get to sleep. If you are one of those that struggles to get to sleep then never fear, help is here. There are some tried and true methods that can help you to get to sleep quicker, here they are:

1. Go to bed at the same time every night. Our bodies crave routine and if you go to bed at the same time every night you will find falling asleep far easier as the body clock will already have begun preparing you for sleep.
2. Develop a relaxing night time ritual. Find something that makes you relaxed, like reading or listening to soothing music, and do it every night before trying to go to sleep.
3. Learn yoga or meditation, these ancient relaxation methods are a fantastic way to prepare your brain for sleep.
4. Watch what you eat and drink. There are a number of foods and drinks that make getting to sleep harder and, conversely, there are many that encourage falling asleep. Eat and drink the latter and avoid the former and you will find falling asleep easier.

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