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How to get your kids to sleep better


Kids and bedtime often do not mix. Sometimes it feels like you are trying to lasso a lion. Here are tips for getting your kids to bed without the stress and tears.

1. No TV before bed. Make a hard and fast rule that your kids are not allowed to watch TV before bed. Depending on how old they are it can be anything from one to three hours beforehand. Research shows that children that watch TV before bed find it harder to go to sleep.

2. Read to your child when they are in bed. Not only is this great for their mental development and your bonding, but it is also a calming ritual that will ease them into sleep. Make sure you don’t get caught in the trap of having to read until they fall asleep though as this can become incredibly draining.

3. Make sure their room is dark. Young children will often need to go to bed before it is dark outside, make sure that you have thick curtains in their room as light inhibits the production of melatonin and will keep them awake.

4. Avoid heavy meals before bedtime. Sleeping on a full stomach is difficult so feed them a few hours before bed.

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