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How to lose weight while you sleep


How to lose weight while you sleep

If you are like us then you will have heard all the different lose weight schemes. Almost 99% of the time we know that these are a scam, that they are a way of parting a fool and his money. However, while we were reading up on some of the latest sleep literature we came across a weight loss scheme that seems too good to be true, but sounds like it is legitimate. Did you know that you can lose weight while you sleep? Yes, it sounds incredible but the latest research suggests that this is possible.

You only have to watch TV in the dead of the night to come across one of those too good to be true weight loss programmes. You know the ones, we have all seen them. They make all these big promises about losing weight quickly and easily, yet we all know that they are total rubbish, that the only way to lose weight is by keeping to a healthy diet and exercising... oh and sleeping. Yes, it turns out that the latest research has found that you can lose weight while you sleep. We were as shocked as you, but it appears to be true.

Your body burns calories while it sleeps and this research has found that there are ways of increasing that burn significantly. While this doesn't mean that you will never need to exercise again or that you can eat what you want. But with a healthy diet and some exercise, these sleep weight lose tips may be just what you need to help you win the battle of the bulge.

1. Deep sleep. Turns out that the deeper you sleep the more weight you lose. You actually burn more calories when you are  asleep than when you are lying in bed awake because your brain is highly active during the REM stages.  A recent study found that men lost more than three times as much weight over eight hours of sleep than they did during eight hours of lying awake.

2. More muscle. The best way to burn more calories over the day and night is to pump up your muscles with strength-training exercises. The more muscle mass you have the more calories you will burn at night. Although it could take some time to build up enough muscle to make a significant difference in overnight calorie burning, over time you can increase your metabolism by as much as 15 percent.

3. Sleep in a cooler room. The third way to lose more weight while you sleep is to sleep in a colder room. The colder the room the more calories your body has to burn to keep you warm. It is a simple equation, though not one everyone will want to adopt.

There you have it, three possible ways to lose weight while you sleep.

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