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How to make sure your kids sleep well on holiday


How to make sure your kids sleep well on holiday

Travelling is incredibly exciting, exploring new countries, meeting new people. It can also be exhausting, you are out of your comfort zone and often in a new time zone. It all takes its toll. Travelling with kids is even more exhausting, you have to try and make sure that they sleep well so you can sleep well, otherwise the whole trip will be an exhausted blur. Here is a guide to travelling with children, how you can make sure that they, and you, sleep well.

Think ahead: It may sound obvious but many people do not think ahead. You need to work out when and where your children are going to sleep on the holiday. It takes a lot more effort than if you were travelling by yourself. Part of this thinking ahead involves working out what kind of sleeper your child is. Can they sleep on planes, buses and trains? Do they need quiet or can they sleep in loud places? Knowing this is a key to planning their holiday sleeping. If they are particularly sensitive then you need to make sure you have booked to stay in places that are quiet and away from the chaos.

Book the beds: When you travel with kids you will often have them in your room in your hotel or motel on some form of portable bed. Remember to book these ahead of time as the accommodation provider will only have a certain amount of them and if they are all gone you are in serious trouble. You will end up having a child in your bed, which can ruin everyone’s sleep. Don’t forget to book in beds at all your accommodation spots beforehand.

Remember the sleep accessories: If your child likes to sleep with a particular toy or has a book that they really like then you need to make sure that you bring these items otherwise you could be in some serious trouble. Pack a special sleep accessory bag, one that has everything you need in it and make sure you bring it with you.

Stick to your routine: Obviously travel plays havoc with the normal daily routines but it is important to try and stick with your child’s bed time routine as much as you can. If they have a bath before bed then try to keep to this, if you read to them then do this, whatever their bed time routine is, stick with it as much as you can.

Get them napping: Even if your child doesn’t normally nap then try to get them into it on holiday. Bribery always works well. Tell them that they can have or do something exciting if they go for a day time nap. Get them in the habit.

Travelling with children can be exhausting, it places an extra drain on you and if your children are not sleeping well or enough it can become even more difficult. That is why it pays to put some effort into making sure that they will sleep well while you are away.

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