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How to reset your sleep cycle


As more and more research is done, it appears that the human brain is similar to a computer in its ability to be programmed and for us, others and our environments to reprogramme them. In other words, we are able to modify our behaviours and physical qualities for the better if we want to; for example, we can reset and modify our sleep cycle if we want, which is great for many people who struggle with sleep, travel internationally a lot or work shifts.

Most people know the way the body naturally modifies your biological clock through light. Light acts as the mechanism by which your body determines whether it should be awake or asleep. When your body sense growing darkness it releases chemicals like melatonin that make your feel sleep. However, recent research has shown that there is a second body lcock, one that works on food.

The trick is to not eat for a whole day, then wait until the time you want to set as your new morning and eat a huge meal. The body will reset your clock to this time and you will be able to wake up then with greater ease.

It is simple. Use food to change your body clock.

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